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              Company news

              Brief introduction of belt bucket elevator, manufacturer of belt bucket elevator

              The belt bucket elevator uses rubber belt as the traction component, which is suitable for conveying lighter materials, such as grain and coal. The temperature of the transported materials shall not exceed 60 ℃, and the temperature shall not exceed 200 ℃ if the heat-resistant rubber belt is used. There are 8 specifications of td160-td630, and the transportation capacity per hour is 4-238 tons.

              The belt bucket elevator is composed of the operation part (hopper and traction belt), the upper section of TD bucket elevator with transmission drum, the lower section of TD bucket elevator with tension drum, the middle casing of TD bucket elevator, the driving device of TD bucket elevator, and the check brake device of TD bucket elevator.

              Installation steps of belt butt joint of bucket elevator:

              1. Take out the length of the special belt of the whole belt bucket elevator from the warehouse, and carry out the materials and consumables required for the work.

              2. Place the belt coil on the fabricated A-frame (designed for belt replacement) and use the loader to transport it to the site.

              3. Loosen all flange bolts of the head (transmission device) vertical cylinder assembly cover, use chain block, remove the shell top cover, and place it on the platform safely.

              4. Release the fixed lock, open the inspection door on the third floor (doors on both sides are open), and open the vertical shell cover of the charging box on both sides in a similar way

              5. A single pulley block is installed on the I-beam at the top (Center) of the drive pulley, and the 3T chain block is positioned close to the single pulley block in a similar way.

              6. Another single wheel pulley must be placed and fixed at the vertical cylinder (in the middle) of the charging box, about half a meter away from the shell.

              7. Install temporary barricades for the "forbidden area" on the vertical cylinder area of the charging box, and for the "forbidden area" on the head vertical cylinder area.

              Shijiazhuang Yongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Shijiazhuang, a beautiful tourist city in the middle of North China. Relying on the latest technology, the company is a new joint-stock enterprise integrating scientific research, design, production, manufacturing and installation services. It is a key enterprise specializing in the production of transportation equipment in China, and has taken the lead in passing the ISO 9001 quality certification. With advanced technology and years of rich experience, the company will provide users with high-quality products and services.

              The company's main products: belt conveyor series (DT Ⅱ belt conveyor, TD75 belt conveyor, DJ large angle belt conveyor), slag removal series (ZHG heavy frame chain, ZBC heavy plate chain, gbc-b, gbc-bx, GBL scraper slag extractor, lower return chain, DS, SGL series drum slag cooler), bucket elevator (th, HL, NE, NS, TB), feeder (electricity) Magnetic vibration type, motor vibration type, K-type reciprocating type, buried scraper conveyor series (MS type, MC type, MZ type), crusher series (SP screening crusher, PCH ring hammer type, pckw non blocking fine crushing reversible type, 2pgc double tooth roller crusher, 4GP tooth roller crusher), dedusting series, roller screen (GS type), roller screen (GTS type), roller screen (GZS type), heavy screen (ZS type) ), pneumatic conveying equipment, desulfurization and denitrification equipment, ash and slag treatment system equipment and environmental protection equipment of thermal power plant, etc.

              At the same time, in order to better provide customers with high-quality services and further develop the high-quality performance of the equipment, our company provides supporting power distribution and electrical control system for the coal handling and slag removal system. According to customer requirements and process conditions, we can independently complete electrical design, installation and commissioning. Power distribution cabinet: our company provides a complete set of ggd-ii, GCK, GCS and two-way power switching and other types of power switch cabinets according to the national power industry technical standards. The electrical control cabinet adopts the advanced automation technology at home and abroad, such as industrial computer PLC, touch screen HMI, frequency conversion control, etc., to complete the local operation and remote centralized control of the equipment, alarm fault prompt and provide DCS signal point and other functions to the central control system.

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              Address:97 kilometers of HENGJING Road, Luancheng District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China